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If your child was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease or another form of pediatric heart disease, you'll want a team with the experience to accurately diagnosis the condition, find the right treatment and perform that treatment with expertise.

At University of Maryland Children's Hospital, the Children's Heart Program focuses on providing compassionate and comprehensive cardiac care for children from the womb through adulthood.

Why Choose Us?

  • The Children’s Heart Program is made up of dedicated pediatric specialists who provide care for children with congenital and acquired heart diseases from the womb into adulthood. Learn more about our Adult Congenital Heart Program.
  • Children’s Heart Program specialists include board-certified pediatric cardiologists and surgeons and a specialized pediatric cardiac intensive care team lead by board-certified cardiac critical care physicians.
  • The care provided by our team results in outcomes that regularly exceed national standards.

To make an appointment with a Children's Heart Program physician, please call 410-328-4348. We have several locations in Maryland so that you can find a physician close to you.