A single ventricle congenital heart defect is the general name for many types of heart defects that result in having one functional ventricle, or pump.

In some cases, one of the ventricles is hypoplastic, or small. In other situations, one of the valves that lets blood enter into the ventricles is missing (atresia) or does not let much blood go across it (stenosis).

Some of the specific types of single ventricle congenital heart defects include:

There are many other specific diagnoses that are classified as single ventricle congenital heart defects. The main thing that brings them together is that instead of two ventricles (one to pump to the lungs and one to pump to the body) there is only one usable pump.

There is no known cause of these types of heart defects. Some patients may have other birth defects, and some have genetic disorders. Certain types of single ventricle heart defects are more likely to be associated with additional defects.

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