Until recently, many children with complex congenital heart disease were not expected to live long lives.

Advances in the way we diagnose and treat these abnormalities have made it possible for children born with congenital heart defects to live long, full lives well into adulthood.

At the University of Maryland Heart & Vascular Center, we have physicians with expertise in treating adult congenital heart disease. To make an appointment or to learn more about our program, call 410-328-7877.

Transitioning to Adult Care

Individuals with congenital heart disease (CHD) have probably had a cardiologist since a very young age, possibly even from birth. As these children grow and develop into an adult, their heart care must change as well. They are no longer children with a congenital heart disease, and their needs are different than those of an adult who acquired heart disease at a later age.

Our congenital heart specialists focus exclusively on this unique population of adults living with a congenital heart condition. The team includes cardiologists specifically board-certified in treating adults with CHD, an interventional cardiologist and a heart surgeon. Our team collaborates to find the best care options, developing a unique plan for each patient.

Our heart surgeons perform both pediatric and adult surgeries, providing a seamless transition to adult care. In addition, we follow our patients from childhood to adulthood, so your care is uninterrupted.

Cardiogenetic Testing

At our cardiogenetics clinic, we perform genetic screening and counseling in families with a history of congenital heart conditions.

Our cardiogenetic specialists work with you to decide if genetic testing is right for you or your family members. Many family members choose to get tested for the peace of mind it provides. Whether the result is positive or negative for the gene, the knowledge means that families can plan for their future health.

Learn more about cardiogenetic testing.

Adult Congenital Heart Treatment

We offer the full spectrum of adult congenital heart services. No matter what type of surgery you need, from the routine to the complex, our expert heart specialists can provide it.

Our team is dedicated to using the most minimally invasive approaches possible. Many heart treatments that previously required open heart surgery we now perform using a catheter-based approach, leading to an easier recovery and less scarring.

Valve problems are one of the most common congenital heart conditions. Our team can replace nearly every valve in the heart using a catheter-based approach, without needing open heart surgery.

While this is good news for any heart patient, it is especially important for our congenital heart patients. If you have a congenital heart disease, you most likely had one or more heart surgeries as a child. The risk of open heart surgeries grows with each procedure. Minimally invasive valve surgeries use a percutaneous (through the skin) approach, reducing that risk while providing you with an effective, safe procedure. It also leads to a shorter recovery time.

Our team also performs complex hybrid surgeries. If we cannot get the results you need using a catheter-based approach, we use a hybrid procedure. This uses an incision, but a much smaller one than you would need for an open heart surgery. Hybrid procedures combine the best of the surgical and catheter-based interventions to ensure you get the best results possible.

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To make an appointment or to learn more about our program, please call 410-328-7877.