Thanks to advances in heart care, children born with congenital heart defects are living long, full lives.

Our expert team customizes a treatment plan that meets your individual needs as you shift from pediatric to adult care.

Features of our care include:

  • Access to the latest heart technology: Many of the advances in heart technology are tailored to adults who acquire heart disease later in life. Because our team has deep expertise using latest heart technology, they can use it to meet the special needs of our congenital heart patients. Many procedures can now be completed through the catheter or with hybrid technology. We offer the latest and best technologies and discuss complex cases with a team recommendation.
  • Dedication to minimally invasive procedures: We use the most minimally invasive approach possible. Many heart treatments that previously required open heart surgery we can now perform using a catheter-based approach, leading to an easier recovery and less scarring.
  • Care for pregnant patients: For our female patients contemplating pregnancy or who are already pregnant, our experts can guide and treat you through your pregnancy. We collaborate with the hospital’s Center for Advanced Fetal Care (CAFCA) to provide early fetal screening, maternal fetal medicine experts, and cardiac genetics to provide advanced, ongoing care during pregnancy and birth.
  • Comprehensive patient care: As you grow older, you may develop conditions that often come with age, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Treating these conditions in congenital heart patients requires specialized care from our experts. We incorporate care for these other health conditions into your visits so we can manage, treat and even prevent problems.
  • Personalized care: We have a reputation for taking on the most complex cases, including patients who were turned down elsewhere for treatment. We work tirelessly to come up with a way to solve your problem and give you the best chance at a long, healthy life.

    Many adult congenital heart patients struggle with pulmonary hypertension or heart rhythm abnormalities where expert care is coordinated and readily available. We offer family screening for inheritable conditions as well as counseling to work with your family for disclosure and additional testing.

  • Support group: Adult congenital support group meetings and contacts are available and are a wonderful experience for patients and immediate family.

    Research involvement is available for certain conditions and patients as interested.

  • One hospital: Care transitioning to adult medicine happens in a coordinated fashion where many of the heart providers work together to translate medical history and goals. Our providers collaborate in patient care and are located in one hospital that services adults, children, and babies alike.

Learn more about our Fetal Heart Program and our Children's Heart Program.