Orthopedic Patient Story Jerry Schwannoma

Surgery for Benign Schwannoma Brings Pain Relief

Aberdeen resident and computer programmer Jerry started out 2018 on a strong note thanks to a successful surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

At this time a year ago, Jerry was losing sleep (and his sanity) due to a painful and stubborn bump on his shin. Nothing — pain relievers, ice, warm baths — would get rid of or even soothe the pain. Jerry was admittedly a former and less enjoyable version of himself due to the constant pain. Learn how Jerry found relief from the pain of a schwannoma.

Active Student Has Successful Surgery for a Bone Cyst

After a long day of working out or running around on a field, athletes know it's fairly normal to feel tightness, even for a few weeks, in the same area.

Well, that's what Meredith Riley had always thought. During her sophomore and junior years of high school, Meredith was an active member of the marching band, played on the lacrosse team, ran track and field, and also was a member of her high school's dance team. Read about Meredith's bone cyst.

Orthopedic Surgery Relieves Pain of Cancer Complications

As Cathy Lang found out, early stage breast cancer is no walk in the park – in fact, eventually it would take away her ability to walk.

While she was in her fifties, the Baltimore resident was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully treated at her local community hospital. However, five years later her treatments led to leukemia – cancer of the bone marrow. In rare cases like Cathy's, leukemia is caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy for another cancer. Read about how Cathy overcame cancer complications.