The University of Maryland Heart and Vascular Center is a regional referral center for some of the most difficult cardiac cases.

Our high volume of patients and extensive experience, combined with the full resources of an academic medical center, enable us to provide hope and treatment for our patients.

Advanced Care at the University of Maryland

At our Heart and Vascular Center, you are receiving care from an integrated team of heart specialists, from many different areas of heart care. This ensures you receive the most advanced, comprehensive and effective care possible. Features of our care include:

  • Latest diagnostic procedures: Our team has the expertise to give you an accurate diagnosis, even when the condition may be challenging to diagnose. Learn more about cardiac diagnosis
  • Minimally invasive surgeries: From closed-chest bypass surgery to complex aortic valve replacement procedures, we use the least invasive surgical approach so you recover faster. Learn more about conditions we treat.
  • Coordinated care: We handle everything you need at our Heart and Vascular Center, from diagnosis through treatment. In addition, our staff works closely with your referring doctors to keep them updated about your treatment and progress.
  • Patient education: We emphasize preventive care, including educating patients about living a heart-healthy lifestyle. Learn more about our Center for Preventive Cardiology.
  • Expert team: Our physicians are also faculty members at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. In addition to treating patients, we train future cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. We also conduct research and clinical trials to improve the treatment and care of all heart patients.
  • Screenings (Vascular and Cardiogenetic): Screening offers an opportunity to know if you are at risk for venous disease, so you can make lifestyle changes to reduce that risk. Learn more about screening.
  • Sophisticated Operating and Recovery Rooms: From our Hybrid OR to our Cardiac Surgery ICU, we use the most advanced surgical technology and catheter-based treatments. That, combined with 24-hour care from our team of heart specialists, ensures that your hospital stay is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Cardiovascular Care: Specialized Programs

We provide dedicated care for patients in our specialized programs and clinics:

Support Groups

In our support groups, you can meet other heart patients who are going through similar experiences as you are. We offer a support group for congenital heart patients and one for patients who have had or will undergo a heart or lung transplant procedure. Learn more about our support groups.