If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to request the support of an SOS mentor, please fill out the form below. Our SOS volunteer coordinator will use this information to pair you with the best mentor for you.* 

SOS mentors are breast cancer survivors, dedicated volunteers who understand just what you're going through. SOS mentors are required to complete a training program that encompasses therapeutic listening and communication, general breast anatomy, the breast cancer disease process, how to communicate with your doctor, and available breast cancer resources throughout our area. Mentors are not trained to provide clinical education, treatment recommendations or medical opinions. If this level of information is requested, the mentor will refer you to your health care provider for appropriate guidance.

*Your privacy is important to us. Please know that no other information will be provided to the volunteer coordinator or mentor at UM St. Joseph. Additional information shared with the volunteer coordinator or mentor is strictly at your discretion.