The Breast Center at UM St. Joseph Medical Center uses advanced imaging diagnostics with breast and reconstructive surgery, medical and radiation oncology in a comfortable setting that is individualized to needs of patients. Nationally recognized for excellence by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program of the American College of Surgeons, the Breast Center applies key disciplines such as pathology, nursing, lymphedema management, nutritional services, social work, and genetic counseling.

The Breast Center's comprehensive care team includes breast surgeon Dr. Ethan S. Rogers and other dedicated breast cancer and medical oncology specialists. 

Diagnosis and Staging

The Breast Center offers a precise and earlier detection of pre-malignancies and malignancies in the breast. Breast cancer diagnosis is aided by advances in imaging techniques such as all digital imaging, including mammography and ultrasonography, on-site breast MRI and stereotactic imaging-guided biopsies.

In addition, UM St. Joseph Medical Center has a dedicated Cancer Genetic Counselor who provides patients and family members with education about their screening options and genetic testing for hereditary cancer risks. Along the treatment spectrum, newer forms of radiation therapy combined with more accurate forms of scanning technologies provide for targeted tumor eradication.

Your doctor will discuss your medical history, including any family history of breast cancer. Your breasts will be examined for characteristic symptoms, including:

  • Lumps or thickening
  • Nipple discharge or inversion
  • Redness or changes in the skin or contour of the breast