Breast Nurse Navigator Susan Feild, RN, explains what makes The Breast Center at the UM St. Joseph Medical Center Cancer Institute so extraordinary.

It’s important to talk regularly with your doctor about breast care. They can tell you the signs, symptoms or issues that need attention.

The Breast Health Center at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center (UM St. Joseph) offers a full range of care for all types of conditions, including benign (or not harmful) breast issues and breast cancer treatment and surgery.

We provide the latest treatment, screenings, prevention methods and follow-up care in one modern, comfortable and convenient location in Towson.

Why Choose the Breast Health Center at UM St. Joseph

When you visit the Breast Health Center, you have access to:

Our Breast Health Center has been nationally recognized for excellence by the American College of Surgeons’ National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC).

Our Breast Health Services

The Breast Health Center can help when you want to talk about breast care or have an initial consultation. You can visit us when you’re having symptoms, when you want a breast health screening or when you have a diagnosis and want to learn more about what’s available to you. If you fall within the recommended guidelines, you can also schedule your annual (or first) mammogram without a consultation.

Your care team may provide additional recommendations based on your risk level. Your provider will discuss your medical history, including any family history of breast cancer, during your appointment.

Mammogram Follow-Up

If the screening mammogram detects any lumps or abnormalities, our specialists will recommend additional services. These services, which are all available within the Breast Health Center, include:

  • Diagnostic mammogram, which provides a more detailed x-ray of the breast tissue to determine tissue density and to identify other high-risk factors
  • A breast MRI or ultrasound, which can be performed on-site to further assess the tissue
  • Imaging-guided biopsy, which is a minimally invasive procedure that removes a sample of the tissue for further testing

Benign Breast Disease

The Breast Health Center can see you for non-cancerous breast issues, including:

  • Mastitis/infections
  • Nipple discharge
  • Breast pain
  • Breast cysts
  • Breast mass/lump

Our team will examine you to determine the best next step for your care.

Breast Cancer

The Breast Health Center is dedicated to the early detection of pre-cancers or cancers in the breast. We use all-digital imaging, including advanced mammography and ultrasonography, on-site breast MRI and stereotactic imaging-guided biopsies.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, have been diagnosed in the past, or are/think you might be at high risk for developing breast cancer, we provide the following:

  • High-risk screening
  • Risk-reducing surgery
  • Surgical management of breast cancer
  • Survivorship information and support
  • Breast reconstruction/augmentation

Do you know your risk level for breast cancer? We can help you find out so you get the care you need.