Breast cancer, like many cancers, can happen to anyone at almost any age. But there are certain factors that give someone a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

It’s important to know if your risk is high so you get screened as early and often as needed. You could also benefit from treatments or surgeries that lower your breast cancer risk.

If you do have high-risk factors, the Breast Health Center at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center can help.

Get Help With Our High-Risk Treatment Program

The Breast Health Center offers a High-Risk Treatment Program for those who qualify. 

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a specialist who can refer you for other services as needed, based on your individual breast cancer risk. Patients may be recommended for additional imaging beyond a screening mammogram.

Our specialists – including surgeons, radiologists, genetic counselors and more – work together to offer you a thorough approach to your breast health. You’ll have access to a wide range of services, depending on your needs.

How to Determine Your Breast Cancer Risk Level

Our team of breast care specialists reviews a range of factors to determine your risk level:
  • Family history – Have you had any relatives with breast cancer, especially a mother, sister or daughter?
  • Personal medical history – Do you have or have you had any health issues or complications that can increase the risk of developing cancer?
  • Prior biopsies – Have you had biopsies of your breast tissue to detect cancer, even if the tissue was not cancerous?

You can reach out to the Breast Health Center for help determining if you should get a personalized risk assessment and screening. If there are any concerns after your screening, we’ll see you for an examination to decide the best next steps for your health.

Call us today at 410-427-5510 to learn about getting your breast cancer risk assessment.