Located at UM Shore Rehabilitation and Balance Center at Cambridge, Shore Regional Health's Balance Center is the most advanced Balance Center on the Eastern Shore.

Balance retraining includes a variety of approaches to improve stability and decrease fall risks. Our program focuses on education and coaching, strengthening of key muscle groups and integrating the function of all three balance systems — vision, sensory and vestibular.

The Balance Center's services include:

  • A comprehensive physical therapy evaluation
  • Computerized dynamic posturography testing (Bertec Balance Advantage)
  • A protocol-based highly individualized physical therapy plan for vestibular rehabilitation and balance retraining

Bertec Balance Advantage

Balance is a complex topic. Our rehabilitation specialists work with sensory and motor skills to increase your mobility.

The Bertec Balance Advantage is an advanced, computerized posturography system, an innovative balance test, that diagnoses and treats balance conditions. The visual system uses computer generated images to recreate environments, such as circular lines, a checkered room, a rock wall or a grocery store. This process will test your posture, balance and reaction time.

This immersive background provides a complete assessment of your sensory and motor skills. The results help your therapist design a specific plan to improve your balance.

The testing involves wearing a safety harness to prevent injury and to decrease anxiety. A therapist remains next to the patient during the 40- to 60-minute session.

The Balance Center team works with additional rehabilitation professionals to treat patients with balance problems associated with dizziness and vertigo, musculoskeletal disorders and neurologic conditions.