There are three primary ways testicular cancer is treated: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Testicular Cancer Surgery

The primary treatment for testicular cancer is the surgical removal of the testes. A radical inguinal orchiectomy is typically an outpatient procedure where the testicle and spermatic cord are removed via an incision in the groin. Cancer that has spread to the abdominal lymph nodes can be removed through an operation called a retroperitoneal lymph node dissection. This involves removal of any masses and lymphatic tissue around and between the large vessels of the abdomen (vena cava and aorta).

Chemotherapy Treatment for Testicular Cancer

Advanced cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes, lungs or other sites is commonly treated with chemotherapy, given intravenously under the care of a medical oncologist.

Radiation Treatment for Testicular Cancer

External beam radiation is used to treat a subtype of testicular cancer called seminoma that has spread to the abdominal lymph nodes.