The Aiello Breast Center is a comprehensive breast center focusing on the healthcare of women and men with breast cancer, where we treat all aspects of breast health.

How is Breast Cancer Detected?

The detection of breast cancer has three main components:

  • Self breast examination
  • Clinical breast examination
  • Mammography

We recommend self breast exams for all women, even women who are unsure of what they doing. Our motivation is to get women to become comfortable with their own breast, so they can detect a change, but not necessarily diagnose their own lumps. Men can also perform self breast exams and speak to their doctors about any changes they notice, as well as family history that may involve breast lumps.

Clinical breast exams are done by a health care practitioner. Women in their 20s should have breast exams every three years. Once a woman is in her 30s, clinical breast exams should be done annually. Annual mammography is recommended at the age of 40, although women and men with medical and family histories of cancer may have mammograms earlier.


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