Below is the new process for Resident/Fellow name changes:

The new process is:

  1. HR Records: Residents/Fellows employed by the Medical Center must log into HR connections (or have the coordinator do this) to request a name change, and provide a completed Personal Data Change Form as well as supporting related to the name change.
  2. Medical Staff/Licensing/NPI/Library Account: Residents/Fellows credentialed by the Medical Center also must change the name associated with their NPI number name, and provide a copy of the supporting documentation related to the name change to their coordinator. The coordinator must provide the Medical Staff liaison and GME office liaison about this change so that your name can be updated in the credentialing record, pager lists, as well as the community system (library) account.
  3. Service Desk Portal – Application Request: You can access the Service Desk Portal via either of these links: (Internal to UMMS) or (Available offsite). To update the resident/fellow's first or last name, title, department, etc. please follow these steps:
    1. Click Request Access and then Modify Access
    2. In the Demographic Information section, enter the name of the person who OWNS the account(s) requiring the change (typically, this is not your name unless you're submitting for yourself).
    3. In the Applications section, select the name of each applicable program requiring the change.

      i.  We recommend starting with Active Directory – UMMS for any name or departmental update to ensure the Global address list reflects the update and no login mismatches occur in programs such as Epic Portfolio. If your e-mail also requires update, please input Outlook in a separate Application row.

      ii.  Site is the location the user will be working at after the change.

      iii.  Change Date can be the current day's date or when the change needs to occur in the future.

      iv.  Details should include all relevant information about the change (Old name, new name, etc.)

    4. Once all Applications are input requiring the change, click Submit Access Form.