Adding a new resident or fellow-

All residents must be added using the Task Wizard, they cannot be manually added. Add a new resident or fellow by going to Task Wizards under Site Management and select New Resident Import

Select: A. Download Import Template (in-house)

*You will always get a warning message when you download a file from MedHub.

Complete the template without changing any of the columns or formatting. Only the columns with an asterisk are required but you must enter an email address for the system to communicate with your trainee.  Add the login to the sheet before uploading to avoid the trainees getting a “Tempuser1234” login ID. The username should be the first part of the email address before the @

Once the sheet is complete, save it as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook and then go back to the New Resident Import and select: B. Upload Populated Template (In-house). Choose the file you just saved and hit “Next Step”. The Wizard will walk you through the process.