Resident Absences-Vacation, Sick, LOA, or Away Conferences

Absence Requests Entered by the Coordinator

Some programs schedule the resident vacations months in advance. If you know when they are, you can input and approve the absence request.

*Absences must be input this way so that it populates the resident's schedule and prevents the system from looking for duty hours. The resident or fellow does not have the option of selecting "Day Off" when logging duty hours.

To record a new resident absence request:

Click the "Resident Absences" link on the Home page, under Schedule Management.

Click the Resident Absences link on the Home page under Schedule Management

Select View/Record Absences

Select View Record Absences

Select the type of request and the Trainee's name.

Select the type of request and the Trainees name

Vacation Requests:

The From and To date of the vacation period are required. Only full day vacations can be recorded.

Sick Day Requests:

The From and To date of the sick day period are required.

Away Conference Requests:

The dates of the conference can be recorded as individual dates or as a date range. Depending on your program's settings, there may be additional required fields including conference name and location.

Leave of Absence (LOA) Requests:

First you must select the type of LOA. Then, enter the complete LOA date range. Next, define the unpaid date period and/or a related training extension if appropriate. Note: The unpaid date period must be encompassed by the date range specified above.

Once you have filled out all of the required fields, you have the option to submit for approval, automatically approve, or reject the request. If the absence is approved it automatically flows through to the rotation schedule.

Absence Requests Entered by the Trainee

Trainees can submit their own absence requests to the Program Administrator using the "Absence/Vacation Request Forms" under the "Request Forms" channel on the Trainee's home page.

Click on the appropriate tab to request a vacation, sick days, away conference, or leave of absence, fill out the appropriate information, and submit for approval to the Program Administrator. The request is pending until it is approved.

Once the request has been approved, it will flow to the block rotation schedule as well as show up in your personal calendar. If the request is denied, Trainees will receive an email.