MedHub provides multiple methods for delivering evaluations:

  • Manual Method - Delivery of 1:1 evaluation by manually selecting evaluator and target
  • By Schedule Method - MedHub makes evaluation matches based upon scheduled activities. This method requires Trainees be fully scheduled and Faculty either be associated to clinics and/or services or scheduled into the rotation schedule in order for MedHub to make a schedule match.
  • Queued Evaluation Delivery - Setting up evaluation delivery using either method above and indicating a date in the future when evaluations are to be delivered.
  • Automated Evaluation Delivery - Defining a delivery criteria or multiple delivery criteria that is repeated with regularity (ex. by rotation period) and having MedHub automatically repeat the delivery process throughout the academic year.
  • Tiered Evaluation Delivery (functionality must be enabled through program settings) - (child) Evaluations are delivered to multiple Faculty members for completion, then sent to a tiered evaluation leader to create a single composite evaluation from the multiple child evaluations completed.
  • Residents Identify Supervisor (RIS) (functionality must be enabled through Program Settings) - Trainees are asked to select one or more Faculty supervisors they worked with during an activity. Administrators can set thresholds for the number of Faculty that must be selected for each activity to satisfy the evaluation requirement for a particular activity.

Additional Evaluation delivery methods through evaluation settings:

  • Faculty initiated evaluations of Trainees
  • Trainee initiated evaluations of Faculty
  • Trainee initiated Peer evaluations
  • Patient evaluations through an evaluation link
  • Patient evaluations through Kiosk

Delivering Evaluations without a MedHub profile

  • Outside Evaluations

Please follow the links below for instructions on delivering evaluations:

Enable Public Evaluation Link

This functionality would typically be used for inpatients who are about to be discharged. The best practice for this functionality is to print the URL on the back of a Trainee/Faculty members' business card. The patient, once discharged, would be encouraged to pull up the URL from home, select the Trainee or Faculty member from the name on the front of the card, and complete the evaluation.