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University of Maryland Medical Center offers opportunities for residents and fellows to serve on institutional committees. If you are interested in participating in any of these committees, please contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

The committees and their descriptions are listed below:

CLER Sub-Committee

The subcommittee will review the most recent CLER report and begin working on addressing the areas of concern. We will review the survey feedback from GMEC Members, CLER participants, and PDs regarding their experience and recommendations for actions to address the findings.

Duty Hours Sub-Committee

With new program and institutional requirements relating to resident/fellow duty hours in the professional learning and working environment, this subcommittee would review policies and look at how we are logging and capturing the duty hour data. Look at the options available in MedHub and the reports that the new system can generate as well as the current process for quarterly attestation documentation from the PDs. Moonlighting and extra sessions will also be discussed as this impacts duty hours.

Employee Advisory Council

  • Meeting Day:  Generally meets once a month
  • Meeting Time: two hours in the Lipitz Board Room

Overview:  Created to allow greater employee participation; to foster better communication between staff employees and senior leadership; to make recommendations for improvement and to act as a sounding board for topics of interest.  The council will exist as a forum to promote these goals as another methodology to move UMMC forward on its path to being a great organization.  The Council is not intended to act in any advocacy role or negotiate issues on behalf of staff employees.

Ethical Advisory Committee

  • Meeting Day:  Generally meets the second Tuesday of the month
  • Meeting Time:  11:30am – 1pm in the Paca/Pratt Building Room 2N152

Overview: Discusses ethical topics, policy development and ethics consults and reports into the Performance Improvement Steering Committee.

Event Reporting Collaborative

  • Meeting Day:  Second Monday of every other month (even numbered months)
  • Meeting Time:  5pm – 6:30pm

Overview:  This multidisciplinary team is made of frontline staff and leaders from various areas, including several inpatient units, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, and Patient Safety. The Collaborative meets to share best practices, barriers, and trends between units with the ultimate goals of increasing patient safety event reporting.

Executive Infection Control Committee (EICC)

  • Meeting Day:  2nd Wednesday of the month
  • Meeting Time:  2 – 3pm

Overview: This executive committee oversees the policy approval process related to infection control.

Graduate Medical Education Committee

  • Meeting Day:  Generally meets the 4th Thursday of the month (does not meet in August or December)
  • Meeting Time:  4:30pm – 5:30pm

Overview:  Monitors and advises on all aspects of residency education.  The Committee serves in the capacity of developing/revising graduate medical education policies and overseeing the compliance of the institution and its accredited programs in meeting Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s institutional and Residency Review Committee requirements.  The Committee is comprised of residents, faculty, program directors, and administrative staff.  Reports to the Medical Executive Committee.  Resident/Fellow members may be asked to participate in program reviews conducted by the GME Leadership Team and other GME subcommittee activities.  The subsequent review reports and subcommittee activities are presented to the GMEC.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

  • Meeting Day:  1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
  • Meeting Time:  4 – 5pm

Overview: HAI Working Group is a subcommittee of the UMMC Executive Infection Control Committee.  This is a collaborative working group that includes front line providers and members of the infection prevention team with the aim to implementing and maintain activities around infection prevention, in many cases identifying challenges to implementation and providing solutions.

Infection Prevention (IP)

  • Meeting Day:  Thursday of each week
  • Meeting Time:  1 – 2:30pm

Overview:  This committee focuses on QI implementation

MEADE Committee (Medication Errors, Adverse Drug Events) – Not Accepting new members

  • Meeting Day:  2nd Wednesday of every month
  • Meeting Time:  12-1pm

Overview: This is a multidisciplinary committee involving physicians, pharmacists, nurses, IT, and risk/quality evaluating institutional medication errors and looking into solutions to improve processes/create policies etc.

Performance Improvement Steering Committee

  • Meeting Day:  Generally meets the second Monday of the month
  • Meeting Time:  12:30pm – 2pm

Overview:  Develops and oversees implementation for the plan for improving performance; assesses and monitors organization’s performance; responds to external reviews of the organization’s performance, receives reports and monitors outcomes from the medical staff subcommittees and clinical departments, develops a quality training strategy.  Reports to the Medical Executive Committee on some matters.

Record Access and retention Sub-Committee

The subcommittee will focus on a policy centered on Trainee Record Access and Retention. it will include language regarding resident/fellow file security and placing appropriate restrictions on access to trainees' evaluation records in MedHub which is a repeated area of concern on the ACGME resident/fellow surveys. The policy will also address the NRMP, ERAS, and SF Match requirement that each participant from the institutions, particularly PD, DIOs, admin staff, and faculty, agree to their security policies.

Resident/Fellow and Advanced Practice Provider Wellness Committee

  • Meeting Day: varies – will be notified in advance
  • Meeting Time: varies – will be notified in advance

Overview: The subcommittee is focused on developing activities related to resident/fellow/faculty/employee wellness and is sponsored by the Chief Medical Officer, with participants from GME leadership, residents/fellows, faculty, Advanced Practice Providers leadership, EHS leadership, Psychiatry and School of Medicine representatives

Transfusion Practices Subcommittee

  • Meeting Day:  Generally meets the 4th Tuesday in January, March, July, September and November
  • Meeting Time:  12pm – 1pm

Overview:  Review, discuss and advise on policies and processes related to blood and blood products. Reports to the Performance Improvement Steering Committee.