University of Maryland Medical Center offers opportunities for residents and fellows to serve on institutional committees. If you are interested in participating in any of these committees, please contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

A full description of the committees and councils can be found here. The members are listed below:

Airway Safety Council

  • David Kaltman, Fellow PGY-6 Critical Care Medicine
  • Mallory Highstein, Resident PGY-5 Otorhinolaryngology

Employee Advisory Council

  • Mazhar Khalid, Resident PGY-2 Neurology
  • Stefanie Fischell, Resident PGY-3 Pediatrics
  • Saghi Esfandiarifard, Fellow PGY-6 Hematology and Oncology

Ethical Advisory Committee

  • Argyro Athanasiadi, Fellow PGY-5 Psychiatry- Consultation/Liaison
  • Hayley Malkin, Resident PGY-2 Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Lucas Sjeklocha, Fellow PGY-4 Surgical Critical Care/EM
  • Vanessa Salasky , Resident PGY-5 Neurology
  • Stefanie Fischell, Resident PGY-3 Pediatrics

Executive Infection Control Committee (EICC)

  • Elizabeth Hammershaimb, Fellow PGY-6 Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  • Sharleen Yuan, Resident PGY-4 Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine

Graduate Medical Education Committee

  • Ace St John, Resident PGY-3 General Surgery
  • Angie Molina, Resident PGY-4 Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Naillid Felipe, Resident PGY-3 Emergency Medicine
  • Jonathan Solomonow, Resident PGY-3 Neurology
  • Anusha Bhat, Fellow PGY-5 Cardiovascular Disease
  • Dennis Orkoulas-Razis, Resident PGY-3 Internal Medicine
  • Anweshan Samanta, Fellow PGY-5 Cardiovascular Disease
  • Nelly Grigoryan, Resident PGY-3 Internal Medicine
  • Brittany Aicher, Resident PGY-5 General Surgery
  • Samuel Li, Resident PGY-4 Orthopaedic Surgery

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

  • Anna Carmack, Resident PGY-4 Internal Medicine
  • Megan Uehling, Resident PGY-2 Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

High Reliability Organization (HRO) Steering Committee

  • William Grier, Fellow PGY-6 Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine
  • Peter DeRosa, Fellow PGY-4 Hematopathology

Lab Stewardship Steering Committee

  • Cullen Soares , Fellow PGY-4 Cardiovascular Disease
  • Hilary Hayssen, Resident PGY-2 Surgery-General

MEADE Committee

  • Zachary Wynne, Resident PGY-2 Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine
  • Jennifer Reid, Resident PGY-4 Psychiatry

Patient Engagement Committee

  • Leena Ramadan, Fellow PGY-5 Critical Care Medicine
  • Lauren Rosso, Resident PGY-3 Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Ethan Sandler, Resident PGY-2 Pediatrics

Performance Improvement Steering Committee

  • Nadia Saif , Resident PGY-2 Preventive Medicine
  • Tara Talaie , Resident PGY-4 General Surgery
  • Tamara Kliot, Resident PGY-3 Pediatrics

Resident/Fellow and Advanced Practice Provider Wellness Committee

  • Mitra Haeri, Resident PGY-4 Neurology
  • Cheyenne Snavely, Fellow PGY-5 Critical Care Medicine
  • Alexandra Farrukh, Resident PGY-3 Neurology
  • Justin Robinson, Resident PGY-1 Thoracic Surgery (Integrated)
  • Margaret Woodbury, Resident PGY-5 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Transfusion Practices Subcommittee

  • Kathryn Kline, Fellow PGY-5 Hematology and Oncology
  • Seung Choi, Fellow PGY-5 Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology
  • Navpreet Dhillon, Fellow PGY-6 Surgical Critical Care

UMMC Diversity & Inclusion Council

  • Eseosa Fernandes, Resident PGY-3 Preventive Medicine