A bunch of people at a fellowship graduation ceremonial dinner

As you prepare to graduate from your training program we realize that many of you are actively searching for employment. This will include requests for Certificates of Insurance (COIs). If you were employed by UMMC (received a pay check from UMMC) you were covered by MMCIP during your training. Please remember the following:

Malpractice coverage

You are covered by Maryland Medicine Comprehensive Insurance Program (MMCIP) during your training at UMMC. Their address is 250 W. Pratt Street, Suite 1200, Baltimore, MD 21201. There is no policy number. Your coverage is claims made, and includes tail coverage. Policy limits are currently $10 million per claim/$45 million in the aggregate shared limits.

Claims History/Certificates of Insurance

To request that a copy of your claims history and/or certificate of insurance be sent to a new training facility or employer, please send a request to: physicianunderwriting@mmcip.umm.edu

You must request a claims history in writing. Email is the fastest way to accomplish this. The request must specifically state to whom to send the claims history or COI. You must provide an email address for the recipient or a fax number if there is no email. MMCIP requires at least 2 business days to complete a request, but a high volume of requests will affect turnaround times.