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Address & Phone

7556 Teague Road
Suite 420
Hanover, MD 21076
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Phone: 443-755-0681 443-755-0681

Alternative Phone: 410-328-6749 410-328-6749

Pediatricians from University of Maryland School of Medicine and University of Maryland Children’s Hospital provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of primary and specialty health conditions, as well as surgical care when needed.

Our physicians offer specialized and innovative advanced-treatment options for children who are suffering from a wide range of pediatric disorders.

In addition to specialty care, our expert pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners provide primary care and immediate care services for kids.


We provide specialty care for:

Should your child require further testing or inpatient care, we can provide quick access to services at University of Maryland Children’s Hospital (UMCH), located inside of University of Maryland Medical Center.

Recognized statewide and regionally as a center of excellence for children with critical illnesses and complex, chronic conditions, UMCH combines state-of-the-art medicine with family-centered care. Learn more about UMCH.


  • Monday–Friday: 8 am-5 pm