Doctor treating girl with headache

University of Maryland Children's Hospital's pediatric neurology and neurosurgery team looks for and treats the full range of neurological disorders in babies, children, adolescents and young adults.

Our young patients receive the best, most complete care possible from our team of specialists, which includes:

  • Pediatricians
  • Pediatric neurologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Geneticists
  • Neuroradiologists
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapists

Our pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons provide full evaluations and specialized treatment for disorders affecting the brain, spine and nerves. They, along with our other specialists, use the latest advances in neurological care.

Pediatric Neurological Care

Our services include:

  • Consultations for pregnant women whose child may have a brain malformation or genetic neurological disorder
  • Working closely with the Children's Heart Program to diagnose and treat developmental disorders associated with congenital heart disease
  • Neonatal neurocritical care in which we work closely with the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) team
  • Pediatric Epilepsy Program, part of the comprehensive epilepsy program at University of Maryland Medical Center, an accredited National Association of Epilepsy Centers level 4 Epilepsy Center.
  • A dedicated Pediatric Headache Program

Neurological Conditions in Children

  • Brain malformations present a birth
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Concussion
  • Developmental regression
  • Encephalitis/Meningitis
  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Headache and migraine
  • Neurocutaneous disorders (e.g., neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis, PHACES)
  • Neurological conditions that cause loss of muscle function
  • Neurovascular disorders (including Moyamoya disease)
  • Stroke in children and infants (including stroke caused by sickle cell disease)
  • Tic disorders (such as Tourette syndrome)

Tests for Pediatric Neurological Disorders

Comprehensive evaluations we perform include:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Electromyography and nerve conduction velocity (EMG/NCV)
  • Evoked potentials
  • Genetic evaluation (when indicated)
  • Laboratory studies (including blood tests)
  • Neurogenetic testing
  • Neuroimaging (CT scan, MRI and ultrasound)

Pediatric Neurosurgery

The pediatric neurosurgery team offers advanced, safe surgical care to patients from infancy to young adulthood for complex conditions of the brain, nerve and spine.

Our services include:

  • Advanced hydrocephalus management
  • Chiari malformation surgery (done to reduce pressure on the brain and allow fluid in and around the brain and spinal cord to flow normally)
  • Comprehensive care for pediatric spine and brain tumors (including surgeries and targeted therapies after surgery)
  • Correction of pediatric spine deformity
  • Surgery to relieve pressure on the brain so it can grow properly
  • Evaluation and treatment before birth
  • Minimally invasive surgical options (including intraventricular endoscopy and trials for focused ultrasound)
  • Monitoring, neural recording and surgical treatment for epilepsy
  • Pediatric vascular care for stroke-related conditions

For patients with complex tumors, our team also partners with the Maryland Proton Treatment Center, which offers proton therapy, a highly advanced, precise form of radiation therapy that can increase radiation dose to a tumor while decreasing the dose to healthy, surrounding tissue.

Neurological Clinical Trials

Pediatric neurological patients have access to clinical trials investigating new medicines and treatments for brain and spinal cord tumors.


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