Dr. Sarah Emily Fredrich, MD, shares how the UMCCAN can help people with certain symptoms and conditions. 

Our specialized neurology clinic is specifically designed to help individuals with autoimmune neurological diseases and related symptoms that need a diagnosis.

UM Clinical Center for Autoimmune Neurology

The University of Maryland Clinical Center for Autoimmune Neurology (UMCCAN) offers expert consultation, diagnosis and treatment for people with suspected autoimmune diseases and those with uncommon neurologic disorders that can develop in people with cancer (paraneoplastic neurologic diseases). The center’s mission is to limit injury and disability related to those conditions, advance research and improve patient outcomes. 

If you have a diagnosis or are having symptoms and need answers, the UMCCAN can help with referrals, scheduling and connecting you to the best providers for your needs.

How We Can Help With Your Autoimmune Disease

The UMCCAN’s expert neurologists are dedicated to finding you answers and the right treatment for your neurologic condition. They offer specialized experience, strong research backgrounds and a commitment to quality.

Specialized Neurology Services

Our providers help with a long list of neurologic disorders, including:

  • Autoimmune encephalitis – a rare condition when the immune system attacks the brain and causes inflammation
  • Paraneoplastic neurologic disorders – uncommon disorders that can develop in people with cancer
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced autoimmune diseases – caused by specific cancer treatment
  • Neurosarcoidosis – a chronic disease that causes inflammation in the brain, spinal cord or optic nerve
  • Rheumatologic overlap syndromes – primary rheumatologic diseases that cause inflammation in the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves
  • CAR-T therapy side effects – issues related to this form of immunotherapy cancer treatment

They offer specialty care as well as consultation on related tests and bloodwork, including positive and negative autoimmune and paraneoplastic antibody panel results.

Expert Care and Research

Our center’s neurologists provide compassionate, thorough and personalized care for all patients. They have experience with rare autoimmune and immune-mediated neurological disorders. They value the importance of getting an expert evaluation quickly with limited wait time. They will also work with the referring physician, cancer team and other healthcare providers involved in your care. 

The UMCCAN conducts research studies and clinical trials for many related neurological disorders.

Our Specialists

Make an Appointment

Patients can be referred by their doctor to visit the UMCCAN. For assistance getting a referral from your doctor, please contact us directly at 410-328-4494.

We’re conveniently located in Baltimore:

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