Neurological Rehabilitation patient doing rehab

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, also called physiatry, is the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders that may produce temporary or permanent impairment.

Physiatry provides integrated care in the treatment of all neurological and musculoskeletal disabilities.

The specialty focuses on the restoration of function to people with problems ranging from simple mobility issues to those with complex cognitive involvement.

The physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation is called a physiatrist. A physiatrist treats patients in all age groups and treats problems that affect the major systems in the body. These specialists focus on restoring lost function.

The William Donald Schaefer Rehabilitation Center at the University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Institute is one of the largest and most sophisticated facilities of its kind in the United States. The facility has four inpatient units, each dedicated to a specific diagnostic group or level of care, including:

Neurological Rehabilitation Locations