Blood Levels

Radiation treatment can lower bone marrow function that decreases red and white cells levels, as well as platelets. This can result in uncontrolled bleeding and increased fatigue. Your doctor will monitor your blood count throughout your course of treatment in case a blood transfusion is needed.


Cancer and its treatment take a toll on your body and mind. You may become fatigued during the treatment and as you recover. Low-level exercising, such as walking and yoga, may help you build some energy. Our Barbara L. Posner Wellness & Support Center offers several ongoing programs that may be of help.  

Skin Rashes

During radiation therapy, you may experience skin rashes, especially in areas where you are getting large doses of radiation. Rashes usually disappear a few weeks after treatment.

These steps may help reduce the itching and pain of rashes:

  • Avoid exposing the rash to the sun
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing over the rash 
  • Try  to avoid scratching or rubbing your skin
  • Use lukewarm, not hot or cold, water and a mild soap, if needed, to gently wash the rash. Use a skin-sensitive cleanser or moisturizer. Air or pat dry; do not rub with a towel.

Nausea and Weight Loss

Cancer and cancer treatment can cause you to lose weight and can affect your appetite. Our registered dietician can help you adjust your eating habits, to assure that you are getting a well-balanced diet. Consider eating more, but smaller, meals during the day and adding nutritional supplements to your meals or drinks.


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