Two physicians with the Varian TrueBeamâ„¢ machine

The radiation oncologists at the Cancer Institute at UM St. Joseph Medical Center (UM SJMC) battle cancer using the Varian TrueBeam system for radiotherapy. This innovative and non-invasive approach precisely targets and destroys tumors more accurately than traditional radiation.

We can aggressively and more safely treat even difficult-to-reach tumors – with the maximum dose of radiation over the minimum period of time.

Why Choose UM St. Joseph's Cancer Institute for Radiation Oncology?

Precise: TrueBeam’s advanced imaging technology constantly monitors over 100,000 data points, and can detect the slightest shift in a patient’s position during a treatment session, then automatically readjusts to exactly where the delivery beam should be directed, from any angle.

Effective: TrueBeam allows dose delivery rates that are 40-140% higher than older radiation therapy technology.

Faster: TrueBeam is a faster, more sophisticated imaging technology, and its beam delivery can proceed at a quicker pace as well as reduce the amount of treatment time. Patients recover 30% faster than with older radiation therapy technologies.

Safer: With faster, better imaging and less time required, TrueBeam also reduces patient exposure to X-rays by 25%, making it the safest way to aggressively attack tumors.

With TrueBeam, UM SJMC radiation oncologists can better treat prostate, breast, lung and other hard-to-reach tumors.


  • Monday – Friday: 8 am–4:30 pm
  • On call for emergencies


  • 7501 Osler Drive
    Suite G04
    Towson, MD 21204


Please call the UM St. Joseph Radiation Oncology Center at 410-427-2525 for more information.

For a physician referral after 4:30 pm or on weekends, please call 410-337-1338.