During Labor and Delivery

We provide a safe and nurturing environment during labor and delivery.

  • Physicians, midwives and nurses offer constant support to ensure that patients are comfortable and educated throughout the childbirth process.
  • The Birthing Center team works to create a collaborative, encouraging environment in which individualized birthing plans and preferences are understood and respected.
  • Expectant mothers are offered a variety of labor techniques to ensure a productive and healthy delivery.
  • The Center's knowledgeable and professional staff are prepared to care for mothers – and babies – with low or high risk conditions.

After Delivery

We offer continual care after delivery for new mothers as they care for their newborns.

  • Support with rooming-in, which helps with mother/baby bonding and enables new moms to learn their newborns' unique behaviors
  • Routine rounds from the Birthing Center team to assist with newborn care and education for a pain-reduced recovery
  • Lactation support and guidance if breastfeeding
  • Open communication about the baby's progress and mom's recovery before being discharged