Updated May 11, 2023

At University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), we know that patients need the important people in their lives to help them in their healing journey. This is why we recognize visitors to patients staying in the hospital as care partners, and we welcome them to our facilities.

In order to maintain a safe and healing environment, we have developed a visitor policy that outlines what’s expected of patients, visitors and team members during patient visits in our facility. 

Because conditions within the larger community can change, we created a color-coded system with four different levels of restrictions on visitation to allow for more flexibility in the event current conditions change. 

UMMS Current Visitation Level: Green (Visitation Permitted)

To get information on financial assistance, hospital fees and price estimates, and patient rights and responsibilities, click on the hospital name.

For visiting hours and details about the current visitation level at each hospital, click on "Visitor Policy."