Heart health in Maryland

With University of Maryland Medical System, you get access to the region’s top heart specialists and most advanced surgeries in locations close to home. 

No matter where you visit us, you can trust our cardiac doctors to give you compassionate and comprehensive heart treatment. UMMS provides more cardiovascular care to Marylanders than any other health system.*

Why Choose UMMS for Your Heart Health

Our team has a national reputation for how it diagnoses and treats heart conditions using innovative treatments.

Patient-centered experience

From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation, we focus on what is best for you. Our specialists work together to give you the most optimal, healthy outcome. 

Wide range of services

You can visit us for common problems like high blood pressure and arrhythmia, or more serious issues like heart failure. We offer regular check-ups, prevention screening, stress tests and more complex services.

Innovative treatment options

Patients can be seamlessly referred to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), where we perform the most advanced minimally invasive and open-heart surgical treatments. UMMC is the first hospital in Maryland to offer robotic mitral valve surgery for treating advanced mitral valve disease, a technique that removes the need to open up a patient’s chest. This gives patients a faster recovery without a large chest scar. 

Convenient locations

Since we’re located throughout many Maryland counties and Baltimore City, you can get convenient follow-up care in your own community.

Find a Heart Doctor in Maryland

Our board-certified cardiologists, surgeons and electrophysiologists (heart-rhythm specialists) work as a team to diagnose and treat even the most complex conditions. The expertise of our physicians distinguishes us as a leading academic heart center. 

Find a heart specialist at a location near you:


Learn More About Heart Health

Our podcast series covers many areas of heart care. Listen below to hear our doctors and heart specialists share helpful information that you can use to make decisions about your health, including:  

  • Empowering Women Through Heart Health: Women have different heart attack symptoms than men. Dr. Manjula G. Ananthram, MBBS, tells us about these unique risks, what women can do to prevent heart issues, and everything they need to know if they’re having symptoms that doctors aren't listening to.
  • Is Cardiac Rehab Right for You?: Not many people know what cardiac rehab is, but it’s extremely important after a heart event to prevent complications. Gerald Zachar, MS, a Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapist at UM BWMC, tells us what cardiac rehab is and how it can help you stay healthy.
  • Are Your Stress Levels Having an Impact on Your Heart?: High stress doesn’t always cause you to clutch your chest with a sudden heart attack, like the movies show. Kelli Goldsborough, CRNP, from UM Charles Regional Health, tells us the long-term impact of stress and how to manage stress to lessen its impact on your heart.
As defined by HSCRC Product Category related to Cardiovascular Services by Discharging All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (APR-DRG) from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2023. Dataset includes unique and repeat patients ages 18 and older.