The goal of Graduate Medical Education at UMMC Midtown Campus is to train residents in a supportive, rigorous and academic environment that is committed to clinical excellence. UMMC Midtown Campus has developed an organized curriculum that will nurture and mentor each resident’s professional and personal development while ensuring safe, ethical and appropriate care for patients.

This commitment is supported by the leadership and resources from the Medical Staff, the Administration and the Board of Directors. The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) oversees this activity, and the duties of this committee are detailed in our GME Policies.

The curriculum for the internal medicine and transitional year residency programs will be provided separately by your program director. 

Should you encounter a situation not covered in the policies, please contact your Program Director. In addition, the DIO and hospital administrators are available to assist you.

These policies are required reading.

I. Graduate Medical Education Policies

II. Policies Related to Clinical Care

III. Policies Related to Professionalism, Human Resources and Benefits