The University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus treats a wide range of chronic kidney disorders. Our team of kidney specialists work closely with primary care physicians to ensure patients receive quality and coordinated medical care. Staff members with expertise in social work, nutritional support and rehabilitation services are also available.

Symptoms of kidney disease include fatigue, trouble concentrating, and loss of appetite, and often may not present until the advanced stages of the disease. Most people aren't diagnosed until they have begun to lose kidney function.

Screening for the disease requires a simple blood and urine test, and early detection and treatment can help prevent or delay kidney failure.

UMMC Midtown Kidney Care Services

  • Acute, chronic, and peritoneal dialysis 

  • Catheter insertions

  • Declotting of access


Your kidney’s main function is to retain the right amount of water, salt, and other substances it needs while removing the excess water, salt and other chemicals from the body.

Dialysis keeps your body in balance when your kidneys are unable to maintain that balance by mimicking the functions that healthy kidneys perform.  Learn more about the different types of dialysis.

The University of Maryland Medical Center’s dialysis clinics serve patients who are on or planning to begin long-term therapy to replace failing kidney functions.

Minimally Invasive Dialysis Access

How does this dialysis access procedure work?

A small needle is placed, followed by a small catheter that fuses a vein and an artery to create a permanent fistula for dialysis access. 

What are the benefits?

This minimally invasive procedure leaves no scar or incision and no bulging veins. Recent studies show a 90% success rate over two years. 

How long does it take? 

This same-day outpatient procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes. 

Who qualifies for it?

Anyone on dialysis can be evaluated for this procedure. Most patients we see have end-stage renal disease or need long-term dialysis care.

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