Make a Donation

Contributions made to the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus Auxiliary help to advance healthcare. Our teams of physicians, nurses and staff are known for delivering high-quality and compassionate patient care. Donor support allows us to purchase the newest technologies and equipment, continue and enhance our patient and family-care programs and improve the overall patient experience. If you would like to make a one-time donation, or multi-year pledges, please contact Kate Sullivan, 410-225-8235.

Join The University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus Auxiliary 

The UMMC Midtown Campus Auxiliary is a membership organization that supports fundraising event for the hospital. Since its inception in 1911, it has donated well over $1,000,000 to various projects. Learn more about joining the Auxiliary.

Gift Planning

Plan a gift that can help you achieve your long-term financial goals while supporting UMMC Midtown Campus to provide excellence in health care, now and in the future. To learn more, contact Mark Hansen, Senior Director, Finance & Development Operations, at 410-328-5608.