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UM Capital Region Health Medical Group practices in Cheverly are moving to Largo!

On June 12, 2021, some of the Cheverly Medical Group practices will move from 2900 Mercy Lane, 2nd Floor, Cheverly, MD 20785 to its new home at the UM Capital Region Medical Center located at 901 North Harry S. Truman Drive, Largo, MD 20774. 

This move affects only those practices located on the 2nd floor. The Family Medicine practice on the 3rd floor is not moving at this time.

In addition, when the move to Largo is complete, the UM Capital Region Health Medical Group phone number will change to 240-677-3000.

Providers Moving to UM Capital Region Medical Center

The following providers and practices will be located at the new medical center in Largo:

Critical Care Medicine

Abdullah Alzahrani, MD

Robyn Anderson, MD

Jessica Warning, PA


Dr. Asghar Shaigany

Infectious Disease

Dr. Gita Shah,

Internal Medicine

Nidal Arnous, MD Internal Medicine

Manash Das, MD Internal Medicine

Teshome Tegene, MD Internal Medicine

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Kerry Lewis, MD


Patricia Scripko, MD

OB/GYN, Nurse Midwife

Henry Adegbulugbe, MD

Richard Broth, MD

Billie Hamilton-Powell, CNM

Shelley-Ann Hope, MD

Richard Jones, MD

Gwendolyn Lee-Adams, CNM

Nkechinyere Nsaobasi, MD

Nephthalie Perrin (formerly Hypolite), CNM

Janine Sayles, CNM

Andrea Smith, CNM

Monique Stevens, CNM

Orthopedic Surgery/Trauma

Brent Bauer, MD

Robert Beer, MD

Sean Meredith, MD


Todd Jaeblon, MD

Brittany Jenkins, PA

Pulmonary Care

Uday Nanavaty, MD

Pulmonary Care (Interventional Pulmonology)

Van K. Holden, MD

Dr. Faria Nasim, MD

Dr. Edward Pickering, MD

Dr. Ashutosh Sachdeva, MD


Brandon Bruns, MD

Christian Cain, MD

Jacque Mather, MD

Anthony Tannous, MD

Nicole Toscano, MD

Shailvi, Gupta, MD

Find Your Provider Alphabetically

Providers listed alphabetically by last name:

Adegbulugbe, Henry, MD, OB/GYN

Arnous, Nidal, MD Internal Medicine

Bauer, Brent, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Beer, Robert, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Broth, Richard, MD, OB/GYN

Bruns, Brandon, MD, Surgery - Trauma

Cain, Christian, MD, Surgery - Trauma

Das, Manash, MD Internal Medicine

Gupta, Shailvi, MD, Trauma

Hamilton-Powell, Billie, CNM, OB/GYN

Holden, Van, MD, Pulmonary Disease

Hope, Shelley- Ann, MD, OB/GYN

Jaeblon, Todd, MD, Orthopedics

Jenkins, Brittany, PA, Orthopedics

Jones, Richard, MD, OB/GYN

Lee-Adams, Gwendolyn, CNM, OB/GYN

Lewis, Kerry, MD, Material Fetal Medicine

Mather, Jacques, MD, Surgery - Trauma

Meredith, Sean, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Nasim, Faria, MD, Pulmonary Disease

Nwaobasi, Nkechinyere, MD, OB/GYN

Perrin (Formerly Hypolite), Nephthalie, CNM, OB/GYN

Pickering, Edward, MD, Pulmonary Disease

Sachdeva, Ashutosh, MD, Pulmonary Disease

Sayles, Janine, CNM, OB/GYN

Scripko, Patricia, MD Neurology

Shah, Gita, MD, Infectious Disease

Shaigany, Asghar, MD, Gastroenterology

Stevens, Monique, CNM, OB/GYN

Tannous, Anthony, MD, Surgery - Trauma

Tegene, Teshome, MD Internal Medicine

Toscano, Nicole, MD, Surgery - Trauma

Please note that this location change only applies for appointments and services in Cheverly; if you see your provider in a different UM Capital Region Health Medical Group office, they will still see you there.