UM Capital Region Health provides a full range of integrated neurocritical care, neurology and neurosurgery services.

Our specialists treat injuries a broad range of disorders and injuries of the brain and spine using the latest treatments and noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques. Make an appointment with one of our neurosurgery and neurology specialists today.

Neurocritical Care

Our team of experts provides neurocritical care when emergency and time-sensitive treatment is needed.

Neurocritical care specialists at UM Capital Region Health treat brain tumors, hemorrhages, seizures, spinal injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries and more.


Neurology specialists provide care in diagnosing, managing and treating complex neurological disorders of the brain and brain stem, including strokes.


Neurosurgeons at UM Capital Region Health treat aneurisms, brain tumors, spinal cord injuries and other conditions of the brain and central nervous system with noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques.