Caring for women of all ages

The obstetrics and gynecology experts at UM Capital Region Health are dedicated to providing complete care for women of all ages. Our caring and compassionate medical specialists know that women have unique needs depending on their age, social circumstances and overall health.

From adolescent gynecology, to all aspects of pregnancy and birth, breast and gynecologic cancer screenings and treatment, to post-menopausal quality of life, our Women's Health and Specialty Services program is your partner in good health.

Our specialists focus on all aspects of women's health.


Your overall sexual and reproductive health includes well-woman/pelvic exams, PAP smears, cancer screenings, birth control/family planning and care for various gynecologic conditions as endometriosis, fibroids, painful sex, genital irritation, sexually transmitted diseases, and urinary and vaginal infections.

Obstetrics and Pregnancy

Whether you are already pregnant or just starting to think about having a child, we are here to help you deliver a healthy baby. We are experts in prenatal care and high risk pregnancies. Our obstetrics specialists have offices in Bowie, Largo, Laurel, National Harbor and Suitland and all have privileges at UM Capital Region Medical Center to deliver your baby. In addition to traditional obstetric physicians, our Certified Nurse Midwives are trained in all aspects of gynecology and obstetric care and work with you throughout your pregnancy and during delivery.

Childbirth and Delivery

UM Capital Region Medical Center has an entire floor dedicated to Women's Health with a focus on giving women the birth experience they want, from a traditional labor and delivery experience to a low-intervention, natural birth.

The Medical Center offers all private, large comfortable birthing rooms with spacious showers, full-size pull-out couch for the birth partner and in-room bassinettes so mom and baby can begin the bonding process immediately. We have a room dedicated to hydro-therapy with a large, walk-in tub and special monitors that go in and out of the water to track the labor progress. We encourage skin-to-skin bonding and are breast-friendly; our lactation consultants can help any new mom who chooses to breastfeed or who just wants to learn about it.

In addition, our Women's Health floor has dedicated operating rooms for planned and emergency birth procedures, a Healing Garden and a dedicated Special Care Nursery for our most vulnerable newborns.

Postpartum Care and Support

From learning to breastfeed with one of our certified lactation consultants to navigating the joys and challenges of new motherhood, our postpartum programs support you with caring and compassion. We want every mom who walks out with her new baby to feel confident about caring for her newborn and to know that resources are available to her if she needs a little extra support.

High Risk Pregnancy and Complicated Deliveries

For those rare situations that need extra care, our maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) physicians and neonatologists are available 24/7 to lend a helping hand. Our MFM specialist care for high-risk mothers and their unborn babies through delivery, and our highly trained neonatologists care for the most vulnerable newborns in our Special Care Nursery. A high-risk pregnancy can be as simple as a healthy first time mom in her teens or late 30s, or as complicated as a mother with other health issues such as diabetes or hypertension who needs more monitoring throughout her pregnancy for her own and her baby's safety.

Overall Health and Wellbeing

At UM Capital, we care for all aspects of your health, from heart and cardiovascular disease to diabetes to domestic violence and sexual assault. We take a holistic approach to your care including your emotional and mental health.