Tate Cancer Center nurses

Our Plans

New Simulation Lab

  • Three situation rooms: trauma, medical/surgical and obstetrics exam rooms; flex space for physicians; computer programming and control room; and a de-briefing room
  • Opportunities for specialized, interactive training in a safe environment using life-like technology and tools
  • Integrated knowledge, critical thinking, decision-making and teamwork to help staff better understand and prepare for the complexities of potential real-life situations
  • Flexible, programmable technology and space enabling participants to practice a multitude of scenarios and techniques, building confidence and increasing proficiency to improve patient outcomes

Learning Classrooms

  • Two classrooms with leading audiovisual technology for enhanced employee training and professional development classes to build technical and professional skills
  • Increasing patient care through self-care and professional development

Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Fund

  • Investing in our community's health care workforce through employee scholarships
  • Creating new paths for career growth and employee retention
  • Ensuring the sustainability and growth of our employee scholarship fund with contributions

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