Amazing, Profound and Inspiring Stories Happen Here

At UM BWMC, we call the power generated from these stories "The Power of Caring," a power so strong, it creates connections that extend beyond the hospital's walls and into the hearts and homes of our surrounding community.

The BWMC Foundation is supporting fundraising for $90 million in campus-wide projects and enhancements to better meet your healthcare needs. We're constructing a new Outpatient Care Building, adding enhanced private patient rooms, and expanding labor and delivery, cardiology care and services in the Tate Cancer Center.

We're also investing in new programs and initiatives to further promote and ensure health and well-being in our community and our workforce.

Projects and Enhancements

Our mission, to provide the highest quality healthcare to the communities we serve, is at the core of all we do. As we continue to demonstrate during the 2020 pandemic, we exist to protect our community and to resiliently respond, not matter what complexities or difficulties come our way. The driving force behind this commitment to our mission is our people — who demonstrate over and over again The Power of Caring to everyone we serve.

Please consider making an investment in our growing hospital. Your support helps make powerful stories possible.