Group photo of donor Jeanette Kruezburg, her family and BWMC staff members

The Kreuzburg family with UM BWMC medical staff members.

Jeanette Kreuzburg, a loving mother of three, gave birth to two bouncing baby boys at UM BWMC Pascal Women’s Center. During each stage of Jeanette’s delivery and postpartum experience, she received exceptional care.

Dr. Gayoso-Adam and her entire team walked me through not one, but two very high-risk pregnancies. There was no stone left unturned regarding my care. I always felt respected, well-informed and understood. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to develop lasting bonds with some of the incredible nurses, midwives, doctors and support staff who cared for my family. Pascal Women’s Center is second-to-none. My experience there is what I would wish for all mothers-to-be and their families. From start to beautiful finish.”

Little did Jeanette know the same place that made two of the most joyous moments in her life possible would also be where she found comfort when losing her oldest son, Max.

Max, 18, had lived with a seizure disorder throughout his life. One day last March, he began having trouble breathing. An ambulance rushed him to UM BWMC, where our Emergency Department team jumped into action. It became clear that despite their valiant efforts, Max was not going to survive.

Jeanette recalled the moment Dr. Todd Rosen approached her with the news. “I had known this day would come, and I can’t begin to describe the love and compassion I felt as doctors and nurses surrounded Max’s bed with my family and me. My heart was so at peace with his care and his last moments. And I was given a gift: I knew that every single thing possible had been done and that Max had been in the most caring and capable hands.”

“We’ve had such a full circle experience with this hospital,” Jeanette said. “We’ve experienced so much joy here. We’ve experienced so much sadness here. But we’ve left with amazing stories and inspiration from incredible people that we’ve met along the way. We’ve been very fortunate to have our family be cared for here.” 

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