University of Maryland Medical Center's Cardiac Nurse Fellowship Program provides professional development to prepare nurses to be leaders and experts across the continuum of cardiac care, through a mentored experience with ongoing support, education, and individual development. The program has a strong emphasis on population health, patient and family centered care, quality based care, outcomes, and evidence-based practices. The program was founded to develop a premier cardiac nursing team at UMMC with comprehensive knowledge in cardiac care and an understanding of providing that care in the evolving health care landscape.

The fellowship consists of a yearlong continuing education program including both clinical and leadership courses, as well as a mentored experience with a cardiac nurse fellow graduate. Upon completion of one year the participants will have achieved in excess of 45 CEUs, prepared to sit for their specialty certification, and participated in an evidenced-based practice project. The second year, participants serve as mentors for the next group of Cardiac Nurse Fellows and provide support for the program.

Applicants to the program must have one year of cardiac nursing experience. Other applicants will be considered and approved by the Vice President of Patient Care Services and the Associate Chief Nursing Officer and Cardiac Nurse Fellowship Implementation Committee. New graduate nurses must first successfully complete the New Graduate Nurse Residency Program.

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