From the time you embark on your nursing career, University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) invests in your preparedness and growth. Our fellowship programs are designed to meet new nursing graduates and beginner nurses where they are in their development and guide them in laying the foundation for dynamic, rewarding careers.

Cardiac Nurse Fellowship Program

Our yearlong Cardiac Nurse Fellowship Program provides professional training that prepares you and other nurses to be leaders and experts across the continuum of cardiac care through a mentored experience with ongoing support, education, and individual development. Open to applicants with at least one year of cardiac nursing experience, the program focuses on population health, patient- and family-centered care, quality-based care, outcomes, and evidence-based practices.

OR and PACU Fellowships

The OR fellowship and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) fellowship at UMMC prepare new nurse graduates and nurses with no prior work experience for success in the operating room and critical care setting, respectively. These programs are tailored to your specific training needs based on your prior educational and work experiences.

Offered three times a year (mid-summer, fall, and winter), the OR fellowship combines unit-based training, a five-day didactic perioperative nursing course and simulation training in a lab setting prior to your working in the operating room. The PACU nurse fellowship, offered twice a year (winter and summer), provides the foundation of critical care knowledge along with perianesthesia-focused courses.
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