MMCIP Required New Physician/LIP and Re-appointment Education

Maryland Medicine Comprehensive Insurance Program (MMCIP) requires, as a condition of professional liability insurance, that medical staff complete MMCIP orientation and continuing education courses as new medical staff appointees and with reappointment every two years. In order to accomplish this requirement, MMCIP has partnered with ELM, an evidence based provider of online healthcare risk management and patient safety education programs. There is no cost to you.

New Provider Requirements – MDs/LIPs

  • You are required to take the MMCIP Orientation course – NO CME credits.

New & Reappointed Provider Requirements – MDs/LIPs

  • You are required to take a total of two (2) courses.
  • Please select two (2) courses of your choice from the following four.  You only need to take two (2) courses from this list. You will receive CME credit.
    1. Preventing Physician-Nurse Communication Failures
    2. Managing Difficult Patients: Duty and Documentation
    3. Coordination of Patient Care: Leadership Responsibility
    4. A Culture of Accountability
  • There courses must be completed in the following timeframes:
    • New Providers: within 60 days of email notification
    • Reappointed Providers: by the medical staff reappointment deadline date
  • The failure to complete these courses could result in the termination of your professional liability insurance coverage.

Program Access

  1. Go to
  2. You have already been registered.
    • Username: UMMS institutional email address.
    • Password: At initial login, password is elm123. Otherwise, the password you have created
  3. Once login has been completed, you will be greeted by a Welcome page and guided to your courses.
  4. Once you have completed your courses, please fax your certificate addressed to Annmarie Scalera at 410-328-3391.

Questions regarding ELM requirements?

If you have additional questions regarding ELM requirements, please contact Annmarie Scalera in MMCIP via email or by calling 667-214-1272.

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