All applicants for medical staff membership must have accepted a position with the respective Chairperson of a clinical department at the University of Maryland Medical Center, coinciding with a Faculty Appointment in the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Please do not complete/submit an application unless this has taken place.

When starting the credentialing process, please ensure that you have applied for:

  • a faculty appointment in the appropriate School of Medicine department/division;

  • Maryland license;

  • Federal DEA registration with a Maryland address (if applicable);

  • Maryland Controlled Substance Registration (if applicable);

    These need to be pending at the time of your application for medical staff privileges and approved before privileges can be granted.

Obtain a copy of the necessary documents from the appropriate Medical Staff Services staff member, or download them from this website. These include the:

  • Hospital Initial Appointment Application;

  • Federal DEA/Maryland CDS Attestation (if applicable);

  • Division/Department Delineation of Privilege form;

  • Laser Application (if applicable);

  • Vascular Specialist Application (if applicable);

Submit the above forms and others noted on the instruction page of the application to the appropriate Medical Staff Services staff member at:

Medical Staff Services
University of Maryland Medical System
110 South Paca Street, 8th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201

Be on call and willing to assist Medical Staff Services should they run into problems doing primary source verification regarding your education, previous training/employment, insurance coverage, peer reviews, etc. Your help will expedite the process.