Dear incoming intern, resident or fellow,

Congratulations on your acceptance into one of the Graduate Medical Education training programs at the University of Maryland Medical Center!

It is our policy at the Medical Center to fully credential all residents and fellows planning to provide patient care in the institution. Your participation in this program and any contractual obligation to employ and train you are contingent upon your successful completion of the credentialing process.

The credentialing application and processing has moved to an electronic format called MD App.

On March 25 (fellows receive their links March 4, 2022), you will be issued a link to access the application via an email from It should be noted that if you receive an error stating your "link has expired," you can have a new link issued immediately to you by going to and choosing "Forgot Password," being sure to use the same email address from which you received your initial email. Do not click "Request Account." If you experience any issues creating your login, please contact Bradley Lansinger at, or 410-328-7458.

Within the application, there are three forms that need to be completed and signed, "Documents to Sign." This process happens through Docu-Sign, a third party application that allows you to electronically sign documents. Complete the forms in the Docu-Sign window, then click finish after all required fields are filled. One of the forms included is an attestation that you have watched the required Prescription Drug Monitoring Program video. Because you will not be able to click the link while in the Docu-Sign window, it is suggested that you watch the video prior to completing and signing your documents.

Once you watch the video and close the window, return to MD App, where you will have an opportunity to view and download copies for your records. Forms will automatically be delivered back to our credentialing database — no need for you to upload or attach.

Files to Upload

There is a section in the electronic application called "Files" to upload electronic copies of the following:

  • Government Issued ID (Current Driver's License or Passport with photo) — REQUIRED
  • Portrait photo (we cannot use your driver's license photo) this will be used to confirm identity — REQUIRED
  • Current Curriculum Vitae — REQUIRED
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Certificate, if applicable
  • Malpractice claims history explanation sheet (if applicable, e.g., you have been named in a malpractice claim)

Data Entry Tips

  • Within the credentialing application, there are fields that allow you to search, such as the name of a university. You may see multiple entries. If you find one that matches what you want, choose it. Otherwise, simply enter the name and address you want.
  • Prior Residencies/Fellowship: The system requires a degree awarded. For this field, you should choose N/A.
  • Hospital Affiliation section: Enter affiliations outside of your prior training.
  • The "Documents to Download" section will contain a UMMC Claims History Page to download. If you have any malpractice claims, this is where they should be documented; otherwise, it is not necessary to upload this document into the "Files" section of the application. Once you have filled out the form, save a copy to your desktop for uploading into the "Files" section of your application.
  • First Year residents will have no entries

Additional Tips

It should be noted First Year residents will have no entries in training, insurance or hospitals. First Year residents will only have an entry for "Medical Education." In addition to these categories of questions, last year caused significant delays in residents completing their applications timely. This was mostly due to their reluctance to answer incorrectly. This will hopefully assist you in answering.

If Not Board Certified questions: A category of questions on the electronic application that MUST be completed even if you are already Board Certified, have sat for any part of the exam or even are not yet eligible. The questions should be answered accurately, with a note in the explanation box that simply says "not eligible," "already certified," or "beginning residency." We understand that these questions do not apply to everyone, but because this application auto-populates the Maryland Uniform Credentialing Application, every questions must be answered.

Professional Liability Insurance & Continuing Education questions: We understand that many incoming residents (especially First Year's) have neither been covered by malpractice insurance yet nor have had to meet any continuing education requirements. That is fine. The applicant should answer the questions accurately, and again, simply indicate in the explanation box: "never been professionally licensed" or "currently in training," "1st year resident," "not applicable," etc. Our coordinators will be able to identify someone who needs to answer these questions with appropriate responses and will follow up with anyone who does not answer in a way that seems accurate.

On the left side, you will see whether you have missed a required field, indicated by the system showing a red triangle with an exclamation:error image

If you exit the application prior to completion, it will save what you have done. The only point at which you will not be able to edit your application is after you have clicked "Submit Application."

For questions regarding the content of the application, please call Medical Staff Services at 410-328-2902.


Bradley Lansinger
Director, Medical Staff Services