Criminal acts, such as assault, theft of drugs, threat or hate crime, should be reported immediately to the Baltimore City Police - 911 for emergencies; 311 for non-emergencies.

All members of the Medical Center community are expected to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct.

Violations of the Code of Professional Conduct not listed under Special Categories below, should be reported as follows:

  • Faculty performing teaching or research activities within the School of Medicine should be reported to the person's chair and/or the Dean.
  • Faculty performing clinical, teaching or research activities within UMMC should be reported to the Medical Executive Committee's Committee on the Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Residents performing clinical, teaching or research activities within UMMC should be reported to their Residency Training Director and/or the UMMC Director of Graduate Medical Services.
  • Medical students should be reported to the course, clerkship or elective director.
  • Hospital staff should be reported the Office of Human Resources.

Sentinel events, such as failure to be available while on call, breach of confidentiality, failure to provide transfer of responsibility for patient care, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc., should be reported immediately using the Sentinel event form.

Special Categories:

Animal Care Issues

Animal Care and Use Office 410-706-4365

Computer Issues

Sharon A. Bowser, MBA, Assistant Dean and Chief Information Officer, School of Medicine

Conflict of Interest Issues

Nancy R. Lowitt, M.D., Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development and Chief Conflict of Interest Officer, School of Medicine, 410-706-5485

Environmental Health and Safety

Financial Issues

  • University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. - William Tucker, Chief Corporate Officer 8-3481
  • University Financial Assistance – Patricia A. Scott, Assistant VP, University Student Financial Assistance and Enrollment Services,, Rachael Falk, Senior Financial Aid Counselor,
  • UMMS - E.A.P. 8-5860

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) issues

  • Clinical: University Physicians, Inc. Privacy Official - 667-214-1200
  • Research: School of Medicine Privacy Official - 410-706-0337

Human Resources Issues

Human Studies Issues

Julie Doherty, MSN, RN, CIP, CCEP, Director, Human Research Protection Program, UMB, 410-706-5037,

Physician and Medical Professional Billing Issues

Bill Elliott. Chief Operating Officer 667-214-1822

Research Integrity Issues

Curt Civin, M.D., Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine -

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment by a UMB employee or by an affiliate's employee should be reported immediately to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs - 401-706-7117 and to the campus Director of Affirmative Action - 401-706-7302. Complaints of sexual harassment are also processed externally by both the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Maryland Commission on Human Relations.

Violations by faculty and students of the School of Medicine of "our shared ethical principles," such as "charges of ethical lapses, cheating, abuse of authority, or dishonesty" are to be reported immediately in writing to the Judicial Board which will hold a Pre-Hearing and Hearing according to their Procedures, which can be found at