Post Graduate Year 1

The intern year consists of 3 months of internal medicine, 1 month of emergency medicine, 2 months of neurology, 1 month of child and adolescent psychiatry, 1 month of addiction psychiatry, 1.5 months of emergency psychiatry, 1.5 months on the research inpatient unit at MPRC, and 1 month of adult inpatient psychiatry. During the first year, residents attend the PSTP Seminar, and identify their primary mentor and research interests.

Rotation Rotation length Research Activities
Internal Medicine 3 months -
Emergency Medicine 1 month -
Adult Neurology 2 months -
Child/Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry 1 month PSTP Seminar for psychiatry 6 months
Addiction Psychiatry 1 month -
Emergency Psychiatry 1.5 months -
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry 2.5 months 1.5 months on the Inpatient research unit at MPRC

Post Graduate Year 2

The PGY 2 year provides the core training in acute care psychiatry. It includes 1 month of psychiatry emergency service, 1 month rotation in geriatric psychiatry, 4 months of adult inpatient psychiatry, 3 months of the consultation-liaison psychiatry and 3 months of protected research time.

Rotation Rotation Length Research Activities
Emergency Psychiatry 1 month -
Geriatric Psychiatry 1 month -
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry 4 months -
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry 3 months -
Protected Research Time 3 months PSTP Seminar for full year

Post Graduate Year 3

Rotation Rotation Length Research Activities
Adult Outpatient Psychiatry 12 months 20% Protected Time for research, PSTP Seminar for full year

Post Graduate Year 4

PGY4 residents complete their forensics psychiatry, adult outpatient, and child psychiatry requirements in addition to 75% protected time for research. They are expected to publish their work by the end of residency, and begin to apply for fellowships, grants and awards. Senior residents continue to attend the PSTP seminar, where they can present their work and ideas to receive feedback from faculty and other residents.

Rotation Rotation Length Research Activities
Forensic Psychiatry 8 hours/wk for 3 months 75% Protected Time for Research
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 4 hours/wk for 12 months PSTP Seminar for full year
Longitudinal Adult Outpatient Psychotherapy 4 hours/wk for 12 months -

Additional Benefits: Funding for approved research projects will be provided by the department. 

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