Group kneeling during a moment of silence

Hospital staff take a moment of silence in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

In the wake of recent social unrest, police brutality, and racial injustice, our program, at both the faculty and resident level, is actively taking steps to expand diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism efforts in education and patient care.

We recognize real change takes time and is a collective responsibility shared by every resident and faculty member.

By acknowledging the brokenness of the system, we can challenge our biases and affect change in resident education, patient care, and patient outcomes. We welcome brilliant minds of all races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, ages, religions, and sexual orientations in our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

The University of Maryland | Sheppard Pratt Residency Program has undertaken and reinvigorated its commitment to social justice and inclusivity through the following actions:

Integration of social justice education into all preexisting didactics and core clinical rotations by surveying the current, organizing available resources, and updating expectations for attendings in our policies and procedures.

  • Addition of new opportunities for social justice education in dedicated didactics, interactive exercises at orientation, the retreat and all resident meetings.
  • Designation of a Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion Chief Resident: Anna Zeira, MD
  • Creation and expansion of an Anti-Racism in the Arts Club, a collaborative effort between the residency program and C&A fellowship.
  • Cultivation of a library devoted to black authors and anti-racism.
  • Dedicated services to empower and provide resources to engage our community to vote.
  • Development of new efforts focused on recruitment of minority individuals.
  • Cultivation of partnerships with organizations within the School of Medicine including WC4BL, SNMA and GHHS.
  • Participation in the Department of Psychiatry's Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Partnering with the Minority Housestaff Organization

Cultural Diversity Day

Annual Cultural Diversity Day

Cultural Diversity Day (CDD) is a day set aside to highlight the need to bridge the gap between cultures and recognize that this is our responsibility as providers and citizens.

While this is work that needs to be done every day, the purpose of CDD is to raise awareness about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion.

It is part of ongoing efforts to cultivate a community of individuals committed to supporting diversity with real and everyday actions.

CDD is sponsored by the residency training office but is mostly a resident driven process. Interested residents form a CDD committee that meets at varying intervals throughout the year, pick the year's topic, and plan the half day experience that includes lectures, panels, interactive exercises, and a grand rounds speaker.

CDD Topics in years past:

  • 2022: "Community Healing: Mental Health Resources for Navigating Social Inequities"
  • 2021: “The Hidden Trauma of the Addicted Family” Intergenerational trauma of addiction
  • 2020: "Trans-generation Trauma: Inherited But Not Insurmountable" (cancelled because of COVID-19)
  • 2019: "Blame, Burnout & Burden: Challenges in the House of Medicine"
  • 2018: "Transgender Health: Advocacy and Best Practices for Mental Health Treatment"
  • 2017: "The Perpetuation of Fear: Understanding the Role of Fear in Today's Society"
  • 2016: "Urban Trauma: Understanding its Impact and Navigating Access to Mental Health Care"

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