Resident Voices

“The range of clinical sites at which we rotate has been the best part of my residency experience. We're required to work in vastly different healthcare settings with unique populations who carry a range of psychiatric diagnoses. At the end of residency, I'm confident that I will be able to take these experiences and utilize them to the benefit of my future patients and treatment team members to creatively solve clinical dilemmas.”

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I am most grateful for working with a friendly, collaborative group of fellow residents with unique backgrounds in a training program that gives diverse exposure to specialty psychiatric fields.”

“The other aspect of the program that is a great strength to me is the faculty and students themselves. There are many people within the program that I have been fortunate to get to know and spend time with. It is important to me to have peers and faculty readily available to answer questions and bounce ideas around. That's what makes it a great atmosphere.”

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“The state hospital rotation in PGY1 year gives early experience and exposure to forensic psychiatry, as well as longer inpatient admissions allowing close observation for outcomes of psychotropic medication changes.”

psychiatry photo“Moving from Philly to Baltimore, everyone told me: ‘Baltimore is kind of like Philly’; ‘Baltimore grows on you’; and of course, ‘Baltimore is so close to DC,’ but I've been enjoying B-more from the start! I live in a great location by the water and have been exploring the restaurants in different neighborhoods. Along with many of my colleagues who just moved here, I've found a new hobby--watching ‘The Wire’!”

 “Our program is strong in all regards, which is what makes it such a prestigious program. Not only do we get a lot of exposure to psychopharmacology but we also get strong psychotherapy experiences. The former graduates that are now my attendings make me so excited for graduation day because I hope that I can offer my patients the same treatment that I've seen my attendings give to theirs!”

psychiatry photo“The atmosphere at this program is very supportive! The chief/senior residents, attendings, and everyone at the training office have been crucial in helping me transition from medical student to resident physician.”

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“I love my co-residents and the support I feel from my senior residents!”

psychiatry photoThe Maryland/Sheppard Pratt program appealed to me because of the strong emphasis on balanced training in both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. It also had a more ‘warm and fuzzy’ vibe than some of the other residency programs, which is something I appreciate. It was easy to make friends in my large intern class, some of whom I previously met on the interview trail.”

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“I think it's really valuable that we get to rotate through the state hospitals. It's a very different mindset for treatment in many ways, and it's an opportunity most programs don't offer.”

psychiatry photo“I grew up in Maryland just outside of Baltimore so I have not fallen to far from home. When I am not working, I enjoy cheering on my Ravens and Orioles, rounding up my friends/colleagues in the program for little get-togethers, or trying out new restaurants to eat.”

“Our class has been very social outside of work, meeting for brunch, dinner, happy hours, movies, parties, cocktails at one another's apartments. This has been great to bond and share our individual experiences at different sites/rotations and extracurricular pursuits.”

psychiatry photo“I have made strong friendships with many of my co-residents.”

psychiatry photoOur training program offers neat recreational activities. We had a group outing to the Orioles game, which was a lot of fun. There is a upcoming retreat as well which I am very much looking forward to.”

psychiatry photoI love the food in Baltimore! There are some really top-notch restaurants here, and it's obviously a great place for seafood. I also like going to the different festivals during the summer.

psychiatry photoBaltimore is quirky and fun, with a lot of independent privately owned businesses and varied, interesting neighborhoods.”