Poster Presentation at the AAP Conference

Poster presentation at the 2022 AAP Conference

The University of Maryland Pediatrics training programs are committed to producing well-rounded and well-trained pediatricians. We believe that participating in research is an important part of every pediatrician's training. Each resident in our programs is required to complete a research project in the area of his/her choice. Projects range from basic science bench research to clinical studies, quality improvement initiatives, and health policy projects. The Department of Pediatrics is in the top 10 of state-funded schools for research grants, and our faculty are eager to work with residents. The program leadership works with residents to identify an area of interest and to connect them with faculty members who do work in that area and serve as research mentors. Methodological and statistical support is available through the department as well. Most residents do a standard research/scholarly project, but some complete their required project as part of one of the longitudinal programs described in the Special Tracks tab.

2021-2022 Resident Research Projects

  • A Multi-Modal Curriculum Teaching Opioid Use Disorder Management in Young Adult Populations – Samuel Wood, M.D. (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Use of Telemedicine in Pediatric Asthma Patients – Justin Hsueh, M.D. (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics PGY4)
  • The Sweeter Side of Covid: New Onset Diabetes during the Pandemic – Sara Encisco, M.D. and Angie Molina, M.D. (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics PGY4s); Tha Saw, M.D. (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Investigation of Time to Line Placement and Treatment Initiation in Pediatric Oncology Patients Utilizing a Pediatric Vascular Access Team – Henna Butt, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Waning Immunity to Hepatitis B and Rubeola Following Routine Immunization in Patients with Celiac Disease – Katayoun Eslami, M.D. (Categorial Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Outcomes of Donor Breast Milk and Prolacta in an Urban Level IV NICU – Nikitha Mangalapally, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Implementing a Post-Partum Depression Screen in the UMMC NICU – Gabrielle James, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Promoting Resiliency: Empowering Residents to Cope with Distressing Events – Brooke Prince, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Improving the Infants & Toddler Referral Process at Pediatrics at Midtown – Rachel Mayo, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Frequency and Severity of Asthma Exacerbations in an Inner-city Population – Stefanie Fischell, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Using the Health Belief Model to Understand Readmissions to the PICU for Status Asthmaticus – Talia Kozlowski, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Culture Positive vs Culture Negative Pediatric Sepsis: An Analysis of Key Characteristics and Outcomes – Talia Kozlowski, M.D. and Amal Malik M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3s); Natasha Smith, M.D. (Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics PGY5)
  • Analyzing Rates of Readmissions and Emergency Room Utilization Two Years After Initial UMMC PICU Admission for Status Asthmaticus - Eseigboria Ikheloa, M.D. and Ankita Khandai, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3s)
  • Effect of Educational Intervention on Pediatric Resident Comfort with Emergency Contraception Counseling – Sana Shuja, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Examining the Effects of Instituting an In-Situ Mock Code Curriculum on the Pediatric Floor on Resident Confidence and Performance – Gregory Ede, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3)
  • Children Develop Short-lived, but not Sustained, Antibody Responses to Severe Malaria Proteins over the Course of a Malaria Transmission Season – Joshua Craft, M.D. (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics PGY4)
  • Physician Attitudes Toward Emergency Department Provision of Adolescent Contraception – Beatrice Leverett, M.D. (Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics PGY5)
  • Use of Practice Based Learning Modules to Teach Primary Care Preventative Measures in Pediatric Residency – Veronica Wang, M.D. (Categorical Pediatrics PGY3

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