Pediatric Program Leadership and Chief Residents - June 2022

Chief Residency

Three residents are selected to remain for a PL4 year as Chief Resident in Pediatrics, with two based at the University of Maryland while the third is primarily at Mercy Medical Center. They are chosen for outstanding ability in patient care, leadership and teaching.

The Chief Residents supervise the residents and coordinate schedules, clinical rotations and conferences. This invaluable administrative, clinical and teaching experience makes an important contribution to the department. Chief Residents are encouraged to become involved in research in collaboration with faculty.

Fellowship Training

Fellowship training prepares individuals for practice in a subspecialty. Three-year fellowships are offered each year in various subspecialties. Individuals interested in fellowships are encouraged to contact the head of the appropriate subspecialty division.

The Department of Pediatrics offers accredited fellowships in Critical Care, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, and Neonatology.

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