Sample Conference Calendar

Sample Conference Calendar

Our clinical curriculum is augmented with a carefully designed menu of structured educational activities that complement the learning that occurs in the clinical setting. These activities include a set of core requirements that cover the whole range of topics that residents must study to be prepared for ultimate board certification in pediatrics, as well as those that can be chosen by the resident to best address his/her personal learning needs.

The foundation of our required curriculum is our daily conference series, which concentrates on the core topics in clinical pediatrics as well as case conferences and discussions that allow robust interactions between residents and faculty members. A dedicated board review series is added at the end of each academic year to allow senior residents to review, with guidance from faculty members in all areas of practice.

Other required activities include reading articles from "Pediatrics in Review," a well-known resource with review articles written for residents and faculty, completing practice board-type questions on a regular basis, and reading the continuity clinic curriculum modules each week.

Residents are also required to complete a specific number of hours of self-study each quarter that is of their own choosing. They can use our extensive links to seminal articles in all areas of pediatrics or choose reading or other educational activities best suited to their interests and needs. Completion of educational activities is monitored quarterly, ensuring that each resident is using both clinical and non-clinical resources to maximize their education.

Residents access our educational requirements, with all of their related materials, through our online residency site. This site allows "one stop shopping" for all residency resources from schedules, phone numbers, library access, policies and procedures, educational activities, and links to the evaluation system and other outside websites.

While our residency web-home is not available to be viewed by applicants on-line, we will show you a demonstration when you visit our program for an interview.

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