Combined Training Program in Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics

This five-year combined training program in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine started at the University of Maryland in 1994. We are one of only four programs in the country offering this unique combined training experience. We accept 2 residents per year into this 5-year program, so there are 10 residents in our Peds/EM program at the University of Maryland. Our graduates are eligible for certification by both the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

We seek residents who are interested in training in both emergency medicine and pediatrics. Our residents are trained to be leaders in community practice or academic medicine in emergency medicine and pediatrics. We provide comprehensive training in the emergency evaluation and treatment of patients of all ages and educate residents in the care of a broad range of pediatric patients from preventive medicine to chronic illnesses.

Our graduates can be found in a variety of practice settings, including: attending in academic medical centers in both adult and pediatric emergency departments; working in community hospitals' emergency departments treating both pediatric and adult patients; working on an Indian reservation, treating patients of all ages in the emergency department as well as providing primary care for pediatric patients; entering fellowship programs in specialties such as Wilderness Medicine and Emergency Medical Services; assisting with residency education in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine and even becoming a residency program director for a combined Peds/EM residency program!

For more detailed information on this combined program, please visit the Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics website.

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