The University of Maryland Medical Center's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences have been pioneering techniques and treatments that are transforming women's health. We provide comprehensive care for both routine and complex cases.

Here are a few of our patients and their stories.

Brandy FirthBrandy Firth

Devoted mother, Brandy Firth, was diagnosed with placenta accreta, a potentially life threatening condition, after having three prior C-sections. However, through her success and outstanding experience with the University of Maryland Medical Center she has now turned into a Red Cross warrior.

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karisa sikoraKarisa Sikora

Karisa Sikora had to leave her beautiful baby boy to go into a robot-assisted hysterectomy to remove her seven-pound fibroid.

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leibermanMichele and Jon Leiberman

Michele Leiberman felt so comfortable and relaxed in the care of the midwives at the University of Maryland, she gave birth to her son, Bryce, after just five and a half hours of labor.

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